“You could make your own yogurt.” I know what those words mean, but always assumed it would mean investing in lots of elaborate and expensive equipment that would ultimately sit in the back of one of my cupboards only to be used once or twice a year. I never thought making yogurt would be simple. I thought it would be “simple” like canning 200 quarts of tomatoes is easy – not! Well, how wrong I have been.

First, I read through lots of yogurt maker reviews, then I found a bunch of sites about making yogurt, and a clear picture began to form in my head. Get some milk, heat it until it begins to froth, turn it off and let it cool down until it feels the same as a hot tub, add a spoonful of good quality yogurt, mix it all together and put it in the oven at 100 degrees over night. Now that is truly easy! In the morning take it out of the oven and the next day you can enjoy fresh tangy yogurt.

To make yogurt, you simply need to add a spoonful of premade yogurt with live cultures. I used Brown Cow brand and decided to freeze it in little glumps for future yogurt making adventures. This is my answer to having no ice-cube trays! Once it was frozen, I tossed the blobs into labeled freezer containers.

The new yogurt went into a covered Pyrex container overnight in the oven at 100 degrees…pretty slick! Not nearly the work involved in canning, and no unneccessary supplies!


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